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Wicked Problem

by Céline Kopp

Triangle France

The expression "Wicked problem" designates a social or cultural situation resisting all type of resolution. Each attempt sees the context and frame of the problem shifting, making it impossible to be fully grasped. Without any definitive formulation, incomplete, always unique, and interconnected, wicked problems are also always the symptoms of something else. Climate change, political crisis, inequities, transition from the carbon economy, consumption, and heavy marketing of objects surrounding many subjects infused with anxiety. This feeling, so current to our momentum, lies in the backdrop of many of the protocols used by the artists of this exhibition to create their works. Contemporary perspectives, analysis, visions...the gathered works question our common space and its apprehension, our troubled relationship to nature, and the entanglement of things surrounding us.

In Dan Walwin's work, spatial experiences end up being baroque or hyperrealistic and seem to take place before the mediation of language and definition. When language is actually present and creates a narration, such as in the work of Virgile Fraisse, it is to question the latest evolution of our modes of communication and the geopolitics of their materiality. Sometimes, it even allows for the subject to slip into burlesque. We might be situating ourselves into what psychoanalysis calls resistance, or at the very least witnessing the power of contradictory feelings. As suggested by Lauren Hall, our bodies, behaviours, individual responses, need for escape, comfort, and leisure seem profoundly embedded in social practices and in the construction of our identities.

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