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State Ø States

Film 4K – color – stereo sound – 5 min loop – 2018

Produced in the context of the first Karachi Biennale, State Ø States addresses the complex role of the city of Karachi in the development of submarine fiber optic cable SEA-ME-WE. As a reenactment game, workers cartograph Karachi seaside with flags of the various telecom companies and States owning the city’s digital infrastructures (China, Norway, UAE, Russia). A proto-network weaves as communications are operated by the workers in a simulacra of light morse codes.


2017 Karachi Biennale, group show, cur. Amin Gulgee, liaison by Abi Tarik, Karachi, Pakistan. 

2018 Le Continent des Anecdotes, Galerie Felix Frachon, group show, cur. Théo-MarioCoppola, Bruxelles, Belgium.


2020 Prospectif Cinéma, cur. Laure Chauvelot, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

2019 SEA-ME-WE series, special screening, cur. Caterina Riva & Melanie Pocock, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore - LASALLE, Singapore.


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