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Performance for three actors – video-projection, light, cable – stereo sound – 12 min – 2018

SMW_S is a research and performance project tracing genealogies of the telecommunications infrastructures of Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea. Following researches led at the France Telecom archive funds and at Orange Marine, a group of performers evolve as a think tank, excavating and connecting accounts on the first telegraphic cables.


2018 Festival Marseille/Provence 2018, Performance, FRAC PACA, Marseille, France.


Production: Virgile Fraisse, Triangle France

with the support of Mécènes du Sud, Décalab, Ateliers Quel Amour !


Cast: Flora Chéreau, Séphora Pondi, Antonin Totot


SMW_S © Virgile Fraisse 2018


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