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Further Situations

HD Film – color – stereo sound – 10 min – 2014

The installation Situations Suivantes is a heterogeneous assemblage of objects, revolving around a film. In the latter, discussions between South African screenwriters of a seemingly light sitcom dictated by ratings emphasizes on the contrary increased attention to the socio- economic situation of the country, between insecurity, social inequalities, homosexual rights and the political commitments of the characters.

Just as the brainstorming of this fictitious writers room works like a printed circuit, where the ideas of each end converge or divide into more or less distant branches, the installation of Virgile Fraisse extends this constructive energy. With its bluish sphere whose ink never dries, its network of copper wires, its walls crumpled as if it were sheets of paper thrown in the trash, its diagrams engraved in plaster, the sculptural ensemble reinforces the incessant flow of ideas proposed by the writers in the film - ideas that never cease to end. And behind this

first reading of the work, a second emerges little by little: would not this be a metaphor for our own networks of information and energy? The copper filaments, which wind throughout the room but have no energy utility are reminiscent of those who feed the planet, from one shore to another, in the underwater depths. And the monochrome world map never ceases to scrape the wall against which it was put in motion.    (Camille Paulhan) 

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