Scenarios of Conquest

Performance series – 3 x 10 min – 2016

Scenarios of Conquest is a series of three performances and a spin-off of Prediction/Production video. Actors speculate on the Netflix TV show Marseille scenario through partitions made of algorithmic diagrams. How narratives live under the influence of data processing? Can a TV show production take control of an actual real world situation ?


2016 Scénarios d’occupation III, Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France.

2016 Scénarios d’occupation II, La Gad : Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Église St Théodore, Marseille, France.

2016 Scénarios d’occupation I, Friche la Belle de Mai, Triangle France, Marseille, France.


with Sophia Chebchoub, Delphine Hequet, Martin Kamoun