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Prediction / Production

HD video – color – stereo sound – 9 minutes – 2016

Prediction/Production devotes increased attention to on demand internet television (Netflix) strategies to occupy countries with fictions. Following the companies' logic to produce a tv show for every country implantation, Netflix has chosen Marseille for its first French TV series (Marseille, 2016). By focusing on very current events : the next municipal election, Netflix takes the lead of upcoming political situations with the help of two emblematic French actors : Magimel and Gérard Depardieu.


Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, made fortune in IT development in the 90’s with a company called Pure Software. The CEO declared in an interview that, as TV show House of Cards, the Marseille series will be built with scientific help of algorithms, running results through their database.

Following this new cultural imperialism agenda, the first part of the project is a short fiction film. As an anticipation film, the writing, production and shooting of the film took place between the short period of the announcement of the TV show and its broadcasting. In a stone quarry, on a rooftop, in Marseille Velodrome Stadium, characters renegotiate the scenario of the series. The film convoke influences such as the Hillary Clinton 21st Century Statecraft speech (on US implication in statecraft and colonialism) or the testimony of supporting cast of the series: Martin Kamoun.


2017 Clips Claps, screening, cur. Caro Sposo, Cinémathèque Robert-Lynen, Paris, France.

2017 Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein - Virgile Fraisse, Saison Vidéo, online broadcastingmedia, cur. Mo Gourmelon, Lille, France.

2016 61e Salon de Montrouge, group show, cur. Ami Barak and Marie Gautier, Montrouge, France.


With Hayet Darwich, Martin Kamoun, Ferhat Mouhali, Anna Pabst

With the voice of Dan Walwin

Sound recording & mixing: Frédéric Buy

Camera assistant: Gabriel Bercolano

Spotting and production assistant: Marine Ricard

Translation to Arabic: Ferhat Mouhali


Written, produced, directed and edited by VIrgile Fraisse

With the support of Triangle France and ADAGP


© Virgile Fraisse 2016


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