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Pragmatic Chaos

mini-series – 4 HD videos – color – stereo sound – 4 x 8 min – 2016

Pragmatic Chaos is an algorithm created in 2009 in the context of a Netflix contest. Several teams were competing in a race against time to optimize their movie recommendation system, Cinematch, trying to match perfectly movie selections to the various tastes of users. Despite probing results of the BellKor Team (AT&T) and the reward of one million dollars, the algorithm were never used by Netflix.


Taking that model as a symptom becoming a working support, Pragmatic Chaos is a video series investigating our freedom choice capacity in these implicit systems of organization and classification. Can one consider the promotions and hiding of content (film, news, etc.) as many constraints towards a necessary organization of democracy. Pragmatic Chaos episodes evolves discontinuously in so many three persons analogous situations.


2016 LABOR ZERO LABOR, group show and online media, cur. Benjamin Valenza & Triangle France, Triangle France, Marseille, France.

2017 Virgile Fraisse (Focus), Saison Vidéo, online broadcasting media, cur. Mo Gourmelon, Lille, France.


With Gregor Daronian, Roman Kané, Nina Villanova
and Johanna Bonnet, Rosalie Comby

Featuring Agathe Alberti Bock, Xavier Baudry, Hodeï Berasategui, Antonin Blanchard, Killian Cahier, Élise Carron, Théo Delaunay, Violaine Fauchet, Calogero Giametta, Alexandre Larcier, Natasha Marie Llorens, Anne Marchis, Théophile Merchadou, Gaëtan Moret, Frédéric Morin, Astrée Roinsard, Ariane de Volkovitch


Camera: Virgile Fraisse, Benjamin Valenza

Sound: Frédéric Buy, Robin Claverie
Mix: Frédéric Buy

Set assistants: Antonin Blanchard, Violaine Fauchet, Leny Lecointre, Killian Cahier, Gaëtan Moret


Co-written with: Antoine Dufeu, Georgia René- Worms
Co-production: Labor Zero Labor, Triangle France, Virgile Fraisse

Directed and co-written by Virgile Fraisse

© Virgile Fraisse 2016


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