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video installation – HD video – color – stereo sound – 7 min – Prints on vinyl, alupanel – 2018

NationBuilder anticipates the forthcoming French European elections with the tutorial of an eponym election targeting software. Mixing cellphone & found footage, NationBuilder depicts portraits of door-to-door campaigners canvassing throughout the Parisian suburb.
Extending the militant walking experience, an uncomfortable bench is set as a temporary sitting set up. Graphic documentary elements such as algorithm diagrams, database interfaces and cartographies extend the video logic to space. 


- Un barbare à Paris, group show, curated by Barbara Sirieix, Joachim Hamou & Maija Rudovska, Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard, Paris, France. 2018


with Blanche Adilon-Lonardoni, Luca Besse, Hélène Bressiant and Sonia Floire. 
sound: Valentine Gelin & Clément Gallice
camera: Jean Hubert
translation: Joachim Hamou

Written, edited, directed and produced by Virgile Fraisse

With the support of Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard and Latvia 100.

NationBuilder © Virgile Fraisse 2018