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Fictio Legis

Film DCP – color – 5.1 sound – 12 min – 2018

Fictio Legis is a fiction film poetically tracing a genealogy of debt in Europe from Medieval first loans. The film unravels as a critical essay, a witness of two eras economical political problems that our contemporary times seem to gather. As a political fable, Fictio Legis follows the destiny of a convoy crossing Germany and connecting on its way European economic narratives. Wandering people drift from Frankfurt’s ECB to rural areas where appear mysteriously the hundred towers of the medieval city of Bologna.


2018 Panorama 20, Studio national des arts contemporains – Fresnoy, group show, cur. José-Manuel Gonçalvès, Tourcoing, France.


With Micky Jukovic, Saskia Simunek, Markus Rueckert, Frank Scheuerer, Aleksandra Simic, Stefan Woelk, Emrah Erdogru, Sammy Koc, Timo Nern, Frank Schraml, Georg Ditt, Andy Jürgens


Director of Photography: Ivan Castineiras

Camera assistant: Xavier-Emmanuel Lesage

Sound engineer:  Sébastien Cabour

Grip: Adrien Challand

Make-up artist : Evah Haüser

Technical control: Hélène Gicquel

Casting: Christiane Plum

Art assistants: Patrick Heidekorn, Nils Hanemann


Editing: Virgile Fraisse, Élisa Zurfluh

CGI artist: Philippe Cuxac

Music: Abi Tariq

Voiceover: Lukas Truniger

Color grading: Baptiste Evrard

Sound editing: François-Xavier Delaby 

Sound editing assistant: Luc Aureille

Voiceover engineer: Geoffrey Durcak

Mixing: François-Xavier Delaby

Assistant recorder : Martin Delzescaux

Production: Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains and Virgile Fraisse

Coordination: François Bonenfant

Artistic support: Alain Guiraudie

Production director: Luc-Jérôme Bailleul

Production assistant: Lucie Bercez

Photography section: Cédric Martinez, Aurélie Brouet, Olivier Anselot

Sound section: Blandine Tourneux

Post-production section: David Chantreau, François Lescieux, Massimiliano Simbula

Equipment and auditorium: Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains                                                    


Fictio Legis © Virgile Fraisse - Le Fresnoy 2018


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