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Les Centres Passagers (Passenger Centers)

Sound piece & Radio Show – Season 1 – 4 episodes – Mono Sound – 40 min each – 2022-2023


Welcome to the Passenger Centers, we invite you to listen to the portrait of French contemporary art centers, in difficulty or having disappeared. The Passenger Centers are intended to be the memory of these temporary spaces, art stories, poetic, radical or politically engaged projects. For this first season, 4 art centers, 4 episodes: a former bottling factory, a deconsecrated church, a former military barracks and a former boiler factory.

Episode 1: Le Parc Saint-Léger

First broadcast 10/03/2022 on *DUUU radio.

In this first episode, a natural park, a thermal spring and more than 20 years of exhibitions and events, inside and outside the walls of this former bottling factory near Nevers, the Parc Saint Léger. We listen to the stories of employees over the past 10 years: Franck Balland, Léa Mérit, Sandra Patron, Céline Poulin, Chantal Scotton, Anna Zachmann, all of whom have participated in the programming, mediation, creation and dissemination of the art in the Nièvre. The recordings take place in 2021, a few weeks before the final closure of the premises.


Episode 2: Les Églises de Chelles

First broadcast 24/03/2022 on *DUUU radio.

In this second episode located in the heart of the city of Chelles, the contemporary art center les Eglises, closed in 2015, has recently reopened in a new formula, with a smaller team. Today we follow the cross stories of its former director Éric Dégoutte and its current programmer Renaud Codron.


Episode 3: Le Quartier (Quimper)

First broadcast 07/04/2022 on *DUUU radio.

In this third episode, a former military barracks in the heart of Quimper, the remains of an art center open from 1990 to 2016. Today we listen to three former actors of this place of culture: Maryvonne Magaud, Jean -Yves Crochemore and Natalia Colina.


Episode 4: Le Magasin (Grenoble)
First broadcast 21/04/2022 on *DUUU radio.

In this fourth episode, a former hydroelectric industry boiler room, a national contemporary art center opened more than 35 years ago in Grenoble. The recordings were made during the temporary closure of 2021, before the new direction took over. Let's explore its history through the stories of Alice Vergara, Estelle Nabeyrat, Camille Planeix and the La Superette collective.


Episode 5: La Cuisine (Nègrepelisse)
First broadcast 08/11/2023 on *DUUU radio.

In this fifth episode, in an old castle, a contemporary art center opened more than 10 years ago in Nègrepelisse, near Montauban. Let's explore its history through the stories of Stéphanie Sagot, Valentine Boé, Yvan Poulain , Marta Jonville and Zoé Sans-Arcidet Lacourt. Listen, today, to la Cuisine.



2022 Les Centres Passagers, radio show, 4 episodes, *DUUU Radio, Paris, France.


Production, directing, Recordings & Editing: Virgile Fraisse

in co-production with: *DUUU Radio.

Sound Editing: Arno Ledoux

Mixing & Musical Creation: Valentin Fleury

Les Centres Passagers © Virgile Fraisse 2021


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